Girl, you earned that 79 cents – spend it wisely.

As women, we are paid less based on our gender. In fact, on average we’re paid 79% of what men are paid. Now, let’s look at how we’re spending our 79-cents-to-the-dollar. Enter: the Pink Tax.

“Shrink it and pink it.”


“Shrink it and pink it” is a well-known and widely used marketing strategy that reduces the quantity of a product, colors it pink, and then sells to women significantly less product for a significantly higher cost.

The result is costly for women and it’s time we took action.

At Pinkies Up, we don’t want to change the way women shop, we want to change the way the marketplace views us and what it offers us. We still want the pink! But we shouldn’t have to pay a premium for it.

let’s fix the Pink Tax

Let’s readjust a little, shall we? Our plan is to identify, compare, and track on a grand scale. We’re putting together a database of gendered products to help us make smarter purchases and push back on the market.

coming soon…

As a consumer, you simply scan the barcode of products in the store or enter your shopping list into the app. We’ll suggest cheaper products for you that are on par with the product you’re buying and track your savings.

You can set savings goals for yourself to see when you’ve reached that bag, bike, or trip to Bali. Or you can donate your savings to a number of awesome women’s causes.

Our database will be open for you to add comments, products, and brands.

With enough attention to the disparity in pricing, our hope is to force sellers to bring the prices of women’s and girls’s products down. (Or the price of men’s products up – jk jk.) And to save a pretty penny along the way!

All while buying comparable products, saving money, & stickin’ it to the man.