Billie – A Shaving Club Designed for Women

Billie is working to pinch out the pink tax for razors in an oh-so-convenient delivery subscription service [with free shipping and all]. They offer simple and sleek razors with reusable handles, replacement heads shipped to you on your schedule, and a magnetic holder so you always know where to find your razor.

The designers over at Billie have put a lot of thought into their razor ergonomics, so we don’t have to. Taking into account the surface area that most of us shave and the curves that we’re following, the Billie designers created 5 sharp-as-can-be blades surrounded in an aloe soap, with optimized spaces to prevent clogging so we don’t have to be tapping out an SOS in morse code with every swipe of leg hair.

To get started, you take your pick of handle color – coral, periwinkle, a lovely light blue, or blush. Then, let Billie know how often you shave, then they’ll let you know how often they’ll ship you 4 replacement heads. Honestly, I never really know how often I should be swapping out my razor and probably push it a little far sometimes. Then add any extras, check out, and your razors are in the mail!

The pricing is $9 for the welcome kit, which includes the razor handle, 2 replacement heads, and a magnetic holder. Sets of 4 replacement blades (shipped on a schedule you can change any time) are $9 as well. Check them out here to get your welcome kit and set your plan.

Billie also offers shaving & shower sudding accoutrement including shaving cream, body wash, and body lotion made with premium, natural ingredients that are free of toxins and smell delicious – like sage, aloe, coconut, rosa canina, grapefruit, and shea butter.

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